Updates to Electrician Certification Renewal Form
Updated On: Oct 13, 2009

The State of California Department of Industrial Relations - Division of Apprenticeship Standards has updated their Renewal Application For Certification form: Form DAS-ECF6 (04/2009)

Historically, Certification Renewals did not require proof of 32 hours of continuing education.  The new form REQUIRES proof of completion via transcripts, certificates, etc.  Please see an excerpt from the new form (below): 

ALL Certification Renewals

Enclose $100.00 renewal fee. (This is required for Valid and Expired Certificates).

(You must also) verify that you have completed 32 hours of further electrical education from an educational provider relevant to the type of certification being renewed of your Certificate(s) of Completion of 32 hours.  You MUST attach proof of completion by providing a copy.  If not, you do not qualify to RENEW your certification.

Go to the following link for the updated copy:



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